Saint Aaspire has many definitions. Saint because of the faith we’ve been raised and brought up to believe. Whilst Aaspire is being able to draw inspiration on ourselves to be more than what we are, hence Saint Aaspire “the ability to have faith in your own aspirations”. The poetic creations depict another side to aaspire that draws on language and emotion.


A.Elijah Amisi

"She is beautiful, born in a world where her skin will get attacked
For a couple of years, her feelings will suffer physical pain as the word nigger will suffocate all the strength and deprive her of any courage from within I know that for a fact
But this girl was raised not to be underestimated, her boldness will always be intact.

He is magnificent, raised in a world where sometimes his skin will be his demise
Black cunt, go back to your country, there are no jobs for you, that’s when you’ll realize
If you stare into his soul the casualty of words that lay buried in the grave of his mind
Will no doubt at times crawl out and haunt him.
But this boy was raised not to be underestimated, his perseverance resides inside of him from bone to limb"

"In the words of Ariana Dancu
She makes broken look beautiful and strong look invincible, she walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings.
But not her, the texture of her complexion so sculptured and refined calling it beautiful would be an insult
Her very strength is so formidable
the very being of her essence is a pool full of purity that one innocent touch could purify hatred itself."

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